Memorial Day Bummer

It sure ain’t sunshine and hot dogs up here this Memorial Day weekend. We got five inches of snow again at the house last night, and most folks around town are over it. Beer and whiskey are good for these extended winters, and so is hanging out with my little brother I never wanted, my buddy Larry. We had a good time over the last few days, stuck some fish on dries, and ended up going to fish the creeks in his backyard home of Sattley, Ca.  He even paid for gas. It’s a pretty cool place out there in the Sierra Valley, but if you ain’t from around there, your fly will never touch down on water.  There are creeks galore running through pasture land, and some like the one we fished this afternoon have some Walter sized browns. Of course Larry lost his nice brown today, but what else is new.  It has to be summer up here sometime, it just has to be.