High Water, Good Vis

High water, good vis, 2000 here in the Hirsch, about 600 cubes up top. I would say we’re back to about 5-6 feet of vis again. The fish are there, the water’s just high. I imagine it’s going to be high until August. Anywhere you can find a soft spot on the Truckee River there should be a fish. I ain’t saying it’s easy, but they’re there. I would concentrate from Grays Creek on up to the town of Truckee. The water below Grays is big and off color. Apparently there is a missing angler somewhere down on the Nevada side. Be careful, these flows can take your life. We are hooking fish, big and small, but there seems to be an abundance of rather large fish. High water years = big strong healthy fish. Bring the 6 wts, some lead, and hold on, we’re just getting started.