Some Fall Weather

We’ve had some good afternoon soakings around here the last few days. All the moisture has got the fall Hirschdale fog bank starting a bit earlier than usual. You can count on fog in Hirschdale every morning, usually through November. We sit in a bit of a bowl here. It’s a bit early for it, but the fish like it, and it can dramatically alter the fishing. I like it because I don’t have to start too early. I move to bankers hours this time of year, hey, you gotta wait till those baetis get moving around.  Today on the river, the fishing was good, nothing over 16,” but fish in every spot. Healthy hard fighting wild fish. Baetis, stones, and streamers should be in your boxes. It will get warm again, but those afternoons in the 90’s are over, and fishing should be good all day long. This is Steve from Pasadena on his first outing on the Truckee, shredding it on a dry dropper rig.