It Just Keeps Gett’n Better

Fall is for sure here, especially on the CA side of the river. The morning fog blanket has got the water cooled, and most fish are moving back into some softer holding lye’s. Down in Nevada, on the Truckee River, it’s still a bit warm, and fish are still stuffed down a bit in the faster stuff, but the fishing is great. Pick a state, and G.G.S. will get after it. Streamers, dry dropper rigs, dries, and the ‘ole thingamabobber will produce this time of year. Have your pockets full of baetis, streamers, oct caddis, and stones. Pick your poison. If you fish steamers, stay committed, dries, go look for some heads, and if you throw the nymph rig, you’ll be gett’n some. This is a big Nevada cuttbow from the other day.