What a crazy last three days it’s been. Friday, I had one of my worst guide days all year, if we were having fish for dinner, we would have have gone to bed hungry. Saturday, Hector and Jim from Fresno came up, greeted by a 12 pack of their local IPA, some clouds and cooler weather, I knew we would hook some fish. Walking down to the river with these dudes, they said, all I want to do is land a big brown. Hooking and landing big fish in fast water are two different things. They got what they wanted, big fish were hooked, and big fish were lost. Yesterday, the same couple from Friday came back and tried one more time. You might have one shitty day on the river with me, but you ain’t gonna have two. Jon got this fish mid-day, a big brown that he hooked and landed in fast water, quite the angling feat. More big fish were hooked on this weekend than I can remember in a long time. The Truckee River can be an eye opening experience for some. One fish was landed this weekend, one.