I’m the new Lani Waller

No, not really, but I did get into some fish this last week up on the Trinity. The main thing about this trip was me getting  to spend time and fish with my Dad I never wanted, Joe Cerniglia. Since having a bum knee, we really haven’t fished together in almost two years. Joe’s got a new knee, and new outlook on life, especially after he landed a nice fin clipped female of 29″, on our first afternoon. Fishing was fair, and we all managed to hook  fish. I was mostly looking  for Bigfoot, and not at my indicator. It’s also tough rustling up the nerve to fish the ultra foggy water. I’m sure we could have done a lot better if we did. I ran into a Truckee friend who guides for Clearwater Lodge, Jason Cochram, he rowed me through a run and I got this nice clipped male to hand. Give Jay a call at Clearwater and hook up with him if you are needing a guide for the Trinity. All in all it was a good trip, the crowds weren’t bad, the fishing could have been better, but really, that’s not what mattered.