Deep Freeze

We’ve been in a deep freeze, Artic style. Not good if you’re a fly angler in Truckee. Plumbers though have probably been killing it, racking in lots of overtime with all the broken pipes around town. This is the kind of cold where you’re car may or may not start, and if you run out of wood, or propane, you’re basically screwed. Fishing, well that’s been out of the question. -22 here in Hirschdale the other morning. A man gets a lot of flies tied in this kind of weather, hopefully some of them will be in fly bins across the country next fall. I’ve been on the river five times in the last month and I live on it. The weather has just not cooperated. It is warming today, and by the end of this week we will back near the 40’s in Truckee. I’ll be back at it with classes and guide trips at the end of this week. Before you know it, the big midge clusters and blue wings will be hitting the Nevada side, and the Skwalas won’t be far behind.