5 Dot Lake

Just got back from fishing 5 Dot with my buddy Doug O yesterday. Doug’s been taking me under his wing on the stillwater thing. I haven’t spent to much time on the lakes mostly because of the impressive fish in the Truckee River, and that it’s right in front of my house. 5 Dot is like the river though, addicting. 5 Dot is the Pebble Beach of lake fishing, full of hard fighting rainbows. What Doug can teach you in a day out there would blow your mind. We have a few spots left for our 5 Dot clinic at the end of this month, the 27th-29th. If you ever wondered how to fish lakes this is for you, trust me. You can take these same techniques and fish them anywhere in the West. There’s places to camp out there, on the lake, or you can stay in Susanville about 20 minutes away. Contact Doug or I if you’d like to attend.