Winter Nymph Clinics/ Report 12/15/13

Wanted to let everyone know Doug O and I will be doing some winter nymphing clinics on the Nevada side of the Truckee River on the 18th, and 19th of January 2014. I will post more about it this week, it will be in Nevada, and we will cover rods, lines, leader set ups, and flies, and most importantly what water to fish in the winter. The clinics I do with Doug O are top notch. If you are interested in winter fishing on the Truckee River this is will be a great opportunity. To the report, fishing has been very slow this last week. We just warmed up in the last few days, and it seems as if the fish got shell shocked from the negative -negative temps we had all last week. Most of the river from Truckee to West of Reno still has a lot of anchor ice. In the Hirsch the rivers fine, but in some of the other popular spots, Floriston, Mogul etc, you’ll be be mostly dealing with ice. The East side through the Nature Conservancy is fine, good to go. Fishing will be good in there this week. Flows have dropped considerably, to 160 cubes here in Hirschdale, down half from last week, and it’s the same all over. Its been awhile since we’ve had these low flows, four years in fact. A lot of  folks that just started fishing the Truckee River haven’t had to deal with low flows. Fishing could be tough for a lot of folks now, you’ll have to get stealthy and be more ninja, but the fish are here, just might be a bit challenging. Got this Steelhead size bow on Saturday under a dry dropper-dropper set up.