Pyramid Lake Nevada

Fishing at Pyramid Lake Nevada

Wanted to let folks know I’ll be guiding out at Pyramid Lake in Nevada for giant Lahontan Cutthroats on a limited basis starting now. What’s been happening out at Pyramid in the last few years is nothing short of epic. 20 pounders are now fairly common on the fly and these fish of the Pilot Peak variety are still not close to their potential growth rate. There are very few places in the World where you can go and catch freshwater fish, especially trout as big as the Cutthroat in Pyramid on a fly rod. It’s the real deal folks. If you’re not familiar with Pyramid Lake it is located about 30 minutes North East of Reno. It’s a big lake, almost the size of Tahoe, windy as hell at times, and can be cold as hell too. You fish the beaches with or with out a stepladder. It’s not technical out there, it’s not like fishing the Truckee River, it’s more about being on the right beach at the right time. Doug O and I will be doing a clinic out there on March 22nd if anyone wants to learn the lake that way. I will post more about that soon. Pyramid is indescribable. If you’ve never been out there you need to check it out. It’s something every fly angler should experience at least once in their lifetime. Reach out if you want to check the lake out.