New Site-Truckee River Fishing Report 2-15-14

Like to welcome everyone to my new web site. If you read the blog it takes you here automatically. Now, lets get with the fishing report for the Truckee River. This last week the river was pretty much on hit. If you got out, you were stoked in a big way. We got dumped on up here the week before and after turned about 50 degrees all week. I wish it had stayed colder, but thats the cards that were delt. The river fished like it would in April, off color, kinda swollen and awesome. The river basically flip-floped from stagnant, low-cold winter flows, to swollen spring flows. I do not remember a solid week in February here on the Cali side with the river fishing like this. I had no guide trips this week, I fished everyday and it was awesome. Hopefully, that window is short lived and we get some snow and cold this week. Typically, I fish and guide the Nevada side this time of year, but with this weird weather the whole river seems to be fishing now. March is not far off and we’ll start getting into the bug season. Skwala stones, and blue wings. March browns will come out before April this year, maybe earlier. The bugs will be out in force here soon, and spring fishing is going to be awesome.