Truckee River Fishing Report 9-8-14

Summer is turning to fall here on the Truckee River. Much cooler nights and mild daytime temps now. No rain yet, but hopefully soon. Flows are just around 100 cfs here in Hirschdale, and very meager in some sections on the Nevada side. Releases out of Donner Lake have started this week, but like I thought, releases out of Boca have stopped. We lost a little bit more water this week because of that. Yes, the water is low, but I have seen it much lower. We do have a lot of deep holes and deep pocket water on the Truckee River and that’s whats been getting us by. Thankfully, we are out of the hot summer months now and the fish and the fishing is all good. Baetis mayflies, still lots of crayfish, midges, golden stones, and a few caddis leftovers. I’ve seen some nice pods of fish rising eating baetis mid-morning in certain sections of the river. Mainly for me, the dry dropper rig is getting the bulk of my work done. How you set that rig up will determine your success.