Truckee River-Pyramid Lake Nevada Fishing Report 9-28-14

Three days of wet and soggy weather here in the Hirsch on the Truckee River. Much, much needed rain feel, the fish and the landscape got a breather from a long ass summer. Rain means dry fly fishing, yes we did some, but if you can’t get the drag off your fly, these fish here will give you the middle finger especially out on the Little Truckee River. Sure, you’ll get a few, but the dude who can cast a bit and can track his fly usually does better than the dude that can’t track or see his fly because you won’t see the micro drag. The dry fly fishing thing is whole different deal. Most folks can get pretty good with the bobber, but to be a good dry fly fisherman takes a lot of practice.  I think we’re still a few weeks away from the bigger blue wing olive hatches, but soon. Pretty much the whole California side of the river is in good shape.

Pyramid Lake opens on Wednesday. I reckon fish will be out in some deeper water. The steep drop off type beaches that access deeper water will be best. Belly boats will help, but be very mindful of the wind situation. Tui chub patterns fished on fast sinking shooting heads will be your friend. The Pilot Peak strain of cutty’s may be out searching for bait balls in shallow water. I’ll get out there this week and have a better report.