Pyramid Lake Fishing Report 10-4-14

Yep, another Pyramid Lake fly fishing report. Why you ask? Because the fishing out there is incredible. Probably the best place to fish in the West right now, that is if you know where to fish and how. I’d spill the beans here on the blog, but most of my colleagues read this and get free intel. I’ll be a bit tight lipped to fish come in closer to shore and then it’s fair game for everyone. You like to tangle with Cutthroat that fight like Steelhead? Ok, then get your shit together and come out to the lake. The Truckee River is not as awesome as Pyramid right now. The Little Truckee, well kinda, when it’s cloudy. The Truckee River just needs some water. We’ll get it, it just may be a while. Fish at Pyramid Lake used to be like pulling in a wet blanket, but that’s not the case with these Pilot Peak strain fish. They chow down on streamers, (Tui-Chub) and they are the apex predator of the Trout World. Do yourself a favor and come out the lake this fall.