Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing Report 10-7-14

Fly fishing at Pyramid Lake is going off if you can find the bait balls and if you have access to deeper water. It’s still warm at the high desert lake, like 80 degrees, keeping fish at about 19-30 feet of water. That’s tough for the shore anglers with fly rods to reach. Unless you get there at o’ dark thirty, or stay until last light you may get a good skunking from shore. With cooler weather fish will move in closer. Who knows when that will be. For now if you don’t have a way of getting out a little deeper, fish beaches with fast drop offs where you can reach deep water, Indian Head, Wino, Sandhole, Blockhouse. Good spots to bring the belly boat are Warrior, The Nets, Pelican, etc. Remember to high tail it off there if the wind picks up, the lake can take your life. Fish Tui-Chub patterns on fast sinking type 6 lines. Integrated shooting heads are best. I don’t think there’s any need to bust out the bobbers yet and midge fish, as the big Lahontan Cutthroat Trout of Pyramid Lake are keyed in on the bait.