Pyramid Lake Nevada Fly Fishing Report 11-16-14

Cold and windy and nice and raw out at Pyramid Lake in Nevada now. The fishing is good and the fish are big. Get the old neoprenes out, some gloves, a shooting head and have at it. Pretty much all the beaches have fish on them. If there’s to many people on one beach for you, go somewhere else. Pyramid Lake is almost the size of Lake Tahoe, so there’s plenty of shoreline to fish. How do you know where to start? Generally speaking you want the wind blowing in on you. That pushes the food in and the big LCT’s close off the shelf. Sometimes you’ll be overcasting, that’s how close they are. If the suns behind you, get off your ladder. Sometimes this helps. Pyramid Lake Cutthroats aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed, but they’re fish, and all fish don’t like shadows. This is the time folks.