Truckee River Fishing Report- Pyramid Lake Fishing Report- 2-10-15

Like most of Northern California we got hit pretty good with mostly rain, but some snow, mainly above 8000k here in the Lake Tahoe- Truckee- Reno area this last weekend. The Truckee River rose up to almost 2000 cfs, (been over a year since we’ve seen flows that high) and is now dropping as fast as it came up. We need snow not rain, but at this point, we’ll take anything we can get, and we got a lot of moisture. Lake Tahoe rose a bit. Stampede and Boca Reservoirs came up quite a bit, in fact, I was surprised to see how much Boca rose in just a few days.

The Truckee River will fish well this week. Been since December since we’ve had a good flush. The river ALWAYS fishes good after one of these events. 590 cfs here in the Hirsch this morning, good to go in my opinion. Little higher and dirty down in the desert, but probably will clear in a few more days. I can’t emphasize how good it is for the river to get a good flush like that. It will breath some new life into the river for a while. I’ll be at Pyramid today and the river again later in the week.

Pyramid Lake  was on fire this weekend with the storms. Cloud cover wind and chop makes for an all day bite out at the lake. Now that high pressure is building back in this week it will be an early or late bite again. Shooting heads with the black bugger/ popcorn beetle has been the ticket. The bobber gang have been catching fish too. Fish will cruise in at some point in the day. I know of two fly anglers that got 20 pounders in the last couple days. Patience is good to have out at the lake.

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