Truckee River Fishing Report- 2-18-15

Much of the same for the Truckee River. Sunny blue bird days and way above average daytime temps. Fishing has been hit and miss for me and my guests this week you could say. Mostly good days, and one lousy day. I’ll blame it on the cold water still, and not my guiding skills. Not to many bugs around yet, still cold, but blue wings are starting to pop mid-day. Haven’t really been fishing streamers, so can’t give the heads up on that one. Nymphing of course has been good. Both tight line, and bobbers. Good to have a few set ups and that way you can cover all the water. Mostly I’ve been sticking close to home, but I will be in Nevada more in the next few weeks.

I have been using the new football shaped indicators from Strike Foundry, good stuff, here’s my take.

I’ve used a million different indicators over the years fly fishing and guiding the Truckee River. Most indicators on the market work, some better than others. The better than other ones I’ve been using lately here on the Truckee River are the 3/4″ football shaped indicators from Strike Foundry. The indo works very well, easy to cast, and very easy to see. The nice thing about these indicators is they do not speed up on top like the trapped air technology ones, meaning the indicator has a little weight to it, not much, but just enough to not get ripped along the surface currents. There are multiple ways to rig the indicator onto your leader, a big plus, especially if you like to right angle nymph. You’ll be pleased to know that all Strike Foundry indos are made right here in the USA. Give them a try you will not be disappointed.


I have not fished out at Pyramid Lake since last weekend so I cannot give a first hand report.

Doug O and I will have one more clinic out at Pyramid Lake on Saturday March 14th. I will post more about it in the next couple days.