Truckee River Fishing Report 3-23-15

A little rain and snow in the Tahoe area today, but I do mean little. 

Fishing is good in both states. Lot’s of stuff starting to happen on the river bug wise. Everything will go off earlier than usual this year unless April brings cold and snow. Hard to say what’s going to happen as the MJO, or the way they measure the Pacific water temps, is entering a wet phase and we could have a big April.

If it does stay warm get up and fish when the flows are good. Don’t be the dude fishing the river when it turns into a puddle.

I’m thinking we have until the end of June, so maybe 3- 4 months of healthy flows unless we can fill up the reservoirs with some water.

Hopefully the Little Truckee will have healthy flows too. Stampede is very, very low.

Right now get on the good foot. The fish are strong and healthy and the river with the current flows is fishing very well.

I will be at Pyramid Lake a few times this week and give a good report later.