Truckee River Fishing Report 4-12-15

I guess it’s spring here on out. Summer will come early this year. Get your fishing in on the Truckee River now until July.

I do not know when the flows will go down on the Truckee this year, but they are dumping a lot of water out of Boca right now.

Right now the fishing is superb for early April. Fish are spread out and you can just about find them in any type water. March browns are on the scene in the afternoons along with bwos and some skwala stones. Like I’ve been saying, the water is still cold and catch rates are still relatively low. Rainbows are off their spawning beds and are out on the hunt looking for food again. Flows through the Hirsch are right around 500 cfs, very very fishy flows. Get the switch rod out and swing some streamers, or tight line nymph, or indo’s. However you like to fish. It’s all good right now.