Truckee River Fishing Report 4-24-15

A little rain and snow around the Tahoe area on the Truckee River. Some much needed water getting added into the river this week.

About 280 cfs around Hirschdale, not bad, little higher down towards state line, and low through Reno.

We’re still hanging on up here…

For now, fish while you can. No one knows for sure exactly how long the flows in the Truckee River are going to last this year. My guess is more towards the end of June.

Rain and snow prolongs the inevitable a little more.

I have some tricks up my sleeves, or more of a contingency plan on some rivers to guide once the Truckee gets to low to guide and fish on.

I will keep you guys in on the loop, hopefully you will come fish with me. They will be in California, and they are both awesome rivers, just woking on the permits right now.

Like I say, fish now on the Truckee River. The fish and the fishing are very good. Flows are fine for the time being, but they will get very low late summer. I’ll let you know when I pull the plug on the Truckee River.