Truckee River Fishing Report 5-17-15

Some good rain and snows up here in the Tahoe area, not really enough to add volume to the Truckee River, but everything helps at this point.

Still barely hanging on with flows in the Truckee River and the surrounding area creeks and tribs.

We got some dry fly fishing in this week, of course the bugs like to come out in the overcast weather, my kind of fishing.

Tight line nymphing and streamer fishing have been good too. Should be another good week here with the rain and overcast weather.

How long is the river going to last? Hard to say, but this weather helps. 80 degree weather like we had in April was no bueno, this rain and snow adds a little length to our season.

Who knows, maybe it will rain all summer, but we know that will not happen so get on the good foot early if you come to Tahoe and want to fish the Truckee River.

Like I’ve been saying too, there are, and will be other things to fish besides the Truckee River this summer and other places I will be guiding this summer so please stay tuned.