Truckee River Fishing Report 6-1-15

Not sure how long I can keep posting these, Truckee River Fishing Report’s. We have lost a little bit of water since last post, so the river is like how it was before we got the rain last few weeks.

No need to panic yet. Water temps are still cool, and this week should bring some cooler mild and maybe rainy weather again.

The fishing is really good surprisingly. Caddis and more caddis and we have been getting some good fish on top, or missing some good fish on top too. Remember, I count takes as fish, if you land them great, but a grab is a grab and on this river, count your blessings.

It’s been interesting fishing the river at lower flows, finding where the fish are at, fishing slots that you normally couldn’t wade too. The fishing is good now, but we will need to start talking about not fishing the river at a certain point, either early morning sessions, or late late night, or no fishing at all.

Something a group of friends- fellow anglers started last summer was the Truckee River Keepers. There’s been a few recent posts and more to come for sure.