Carp Clinics! August 1st- and 8th

The lower Truckee River East of Reno is loaded with carp. They are super hard to catch with the fly, and they fight super hard when you do hook them. They have been dubbed the poor man’s bonefish.

This is the first of it’s kind here at Gilligan’s Guide Service.

I’ll be doing 2 separate clinics, August 1st, and 8th.

If you have ever thought about carp fishing with the fly rod this is the chance. It is the hipster thing to do now. Trout are out, carp are in, and guess what, carp live just about everywhere and are probably in your hometown too. Once you learn a few tricks, there’ll be no turning back. You’ll be a carper.

I’ve been spending a lot of time fishing for carp since the trout of the Truckee River needed a break. Carp are all over the lower Truckee River in Nevada, some of them go well over 20 pounds. I warn you, this is highly addictive. Once you hook a carp, they will haunt your dreams at night.

Carp are way different than trout. There are certain things you must do to hook one. It can be frustrating, they spook easily, it can be a humbling experience, but it’s all rewarding when you do hook one.

For carp, I like a fast action 6 weight fly rod with a floating line. Like all clinics, I have you covered with the latest greatest, Sage fly rods, if you do not have the right gear. Your 5 wt trout rod will work, but you may be under gunned on a big carp. You’re better off with a typical Pyramid Lake set up, say a, 7 or 8 wt, with a floating line. Like I say, carp pull hard.

Cost is $150 for a this life changing experience. You will need to have Nevada fishing license. We will meet at 7:30 a.m. at Lockwood Park, East Of Sparks NV, off of Interstate 80.

We will cover flies and techniques to catch carp. I will have all the flies and tippet and things for this clinic.

I will be doing two clinic dates. The dates will be Saturday, August 1st, and 8th. All attendees must pre-pay via PayPal, or credit card.