Truckee River Fly Fishing Report-7-1-22

Truckee River Brown Trout

4th of July week on the Truckee River. Don’t go to Safeway in Truckee, unless you want to have a total meltdown.

On the river, you should be able to find some spots to yourself, but remember this is a busy time of the year. Be kind, and use proper etiquette.

Flows are still good, at least on the Ca side. In Nevada, West of Reno, the river has dropped to around 325 cfs. The good news is that Boca, is full to the top. When we’ll get that water, who knows. At least it’s there. About 425 cfs, here in Hirschdale. 500 at Farad. It really hasn’t been too hot, so water temps are still on the cool side.

Think crayfish, and more crayfish. I heard trout like them this time of year on the Truckee River.