Truckee River Fishing Report-7-7-22

Truckee River Hirschdale

Good solid fishing on the Truckee River

Can’t believe, I’d say the weather’s actually been cool. High’s barely getting into the 70’s, and it’s almost mid-July.     Gonna get hot next week, but back to around average temps after mid-week. Cool and foggy here in Hirschdale in the mornings.

Weathers been a big factor in the fishing this summer. Cooler weather keeps the water temps down a bit and the fishing is typically better with cooler water temps. When the water gets above 70, trouts become inactive and harder to catch. We had high water temps last summer, not so much at all this summer.

Honestly, I kinda like the hot days, because I know the fishing is going to be good in the mornings -in the fast pocket water. Ain’t no water fast enough.

Of course this is crayfish time. Trouts love them mud bugs. Big and small, old and young.

This s a good quick read on high water temps. What I’ve been advocating all these years might not actually be good science.