Truckee River Fly Fishing Report-7-31-22

Euro Nymphing Truckee River Nevada

Still hot, but not as bad as last week on the Truckee River.

We’re getting some afternoon thunderstorms, cloudy and a little muggy for Tahoe. Fishing is good if you know where to look, and what water to target.

What water to target is the key. It ain’t easy out there if you’re fumbling around. Some sections are better than others now. These Truckee trouts will put the clamp down on ya. It ain’t like floating a chubby down the bank in Montana. Way different here. You first gotta learn how to nymph the fast water, then you can try to hook some fish. Gotta learn to wade in it too.

We have some good releases coming out of Boca now. Nice tailwater cold water. Water temps are actually cold in the a.m. below Boca. Overnight lows this week will be back in the 40’s. Good news. Hot in Reno, but flows have increased West of town, and the fishing is good. Best to be done by noon around there.

I think we’re going to have a good August based on the flows coming out of Boca.