Truckee River Fly Fishing Report August 25 2022

Euro Nymphing Truckee River

Almost Fall fishing on the Truckee River.

Sure, we have aways to go, but Summer ain’t got much left. Cool, too cold nights, and hot windy afternoons. Mornings are great out there. Bring a puffy if you fish anywhere below Hirschdale down the 80. Cold in the mornings. Indian Summer weather. It’ll be cold early, and hot late, for the next few months.

Flows are still great below Boca. Skinny above that. There’s only so much they can let out of Lake Tahoe. Boca will be the primary source going into Fall. I’m surprised how long the gates were open on Tahoe this year. It’s gonna take a big Winter to fill that thing up. Good news, and take this with a grain of salt, but this Winter might shape up like ’10/11. That was an epic snow year for the Sierra. Donner Party kinda shit. In ’10, it started snowing in October. They were still plowing in June, because it was still snowing.

Trouts still thinking crayfish, and more crayfish. Look around the banks, and you’ll see all the babies they had. Payday for trouts. Ain’t a lot of bugs left come late Summer. Downsize those nymphs. #16, should be your friend here on out until Winter.