Truckee River Fly Fishing Report August 29 2022

Hirschale Truckee River

Pretty much the same ole thing on the Truckee River. Good solid fishing in the mornings, slow in the afternoons.

Typical late Summer weather and fishing. The water has cooled significantly over the last week. I take a dip every afternoon in the river, and it’s numbing now. That’s at least here in Hirschdale, where there’s a good flow of cold water coming out of Boca. Up above that, the Truckee is pretty skinny. The Reno stuff ain’t bad, and it’s been fishing very well for about the last month, but come around lunch time, it’s gets hot. Out East through the Nature Conservancy, you still gotta wait on that. Too hot still. Give it a few more weeks.

Tons of hoppers around if you’re sick of nymphing. Kinda a banger hopper year. Dry dropper it up, and see what happens. Of course if you want to really stick ’em, bust out the ole tight line rig and fish that pocket water.

We ain’t that far off from great Fall fishing.