Truckee River Fly Fishing Report December 12 2022

Winter fly fishing on the Truckee River.

Major snow for the Truckee River.

2-3 feet here in Hirschdale, and we’re only about 5,500 feet. Big snows up top. Man, we needed that. Flows bumped up a bit too. 80 closed, no power. When it snows in Tahoe, it’s no joke.

Cold though. Been a cold start to our winter. Coldest in 30 years. Single digits this week, and high’s just in the low 30’s. Reno ain’t much warmer.

The good news is the increase in flows. They got way down last week, and are up now to more fishable flows. There’s a ton of low lying snow that will melt and increase flows, just ain’t gonna be this week.

Is the fishing good? Well, depends. For the egg pegging, zebra midge crowd, yeah probably. For the slow pulled streamer crowd, yes. These post spawn brown trout need a meal. Now’s a good time.