Truckee River Fly Fishing Report March 18 2023

Rainbow Truckee River

Finally something to talk about.

Been a crazy Winter on the Truckee River. The sun actually came out, and we had a few 50 degree days this week. It pretty much hasn’t stopped snowing since November. I cried uncle in February, and March came in like a lion. It’s been gnarly. It gets to the point where it’s a bit depressing. Though it’s a Godsend for summer.

I just started getting after it again. Thanks to all the rain last week, a lot of our snow has melted. We had about 8 feet on the ground, and now have about 3-4. Downriver from here, towards the stateline, most has melted.

So how’s the river. About perfect right now. 900 cfs here in the Hirsch. It’s still very cold at night, so we’re not getting any run-off. Wait until May, lol. This river is going to get pumping. Bring it, I love it like that. Big water years, are big fish years. Big water years gets me excited to fish. If I’m excited, you should be excited.

We’re only a few inches away from beating the ’82-83′ snow year. The year of the avalanche at Alpine. No one thought we’d ever beat that winter because of climate change. ’51-52′ ain’t that far off. It’s only mid-March.