Truckee River Fly Fishing Report June 2 2023

Fred Brown Trout Truckee River

Firing off on the Truckee River.

Yes, good fishing. Big fish time. Most folks think the rivers too high and not fishing. Well, think that.

The Truckee River has actually come down a lot in a week. 2,380 cfs, here in Hirschdale. Down from 4000 and change last week. Good clarity too. Down river a bit bigger and becoming fishable. Off color, but not bad. You can probably hit some spots down in Reno now also. It’s hard in Reno when the rivers pumping because of all the alders. When the rivers up in the alders and heavy bushes you really can’t get in it. You can probably get some spots now though.

Look, use heavy tippet. Fish bigger flies. Sometimes I fish one fly because I know I’m going to loose a lot of rigs in the bushes and wood. You’re fishing now, where you used to be standing. Great for the old timers that can’t wade, because we really don’t have to wade in.

If the big water intimidates you, give it about 6 weeks. It’s going to be good all summer this year.