Truckee River Fly Fishing Report July 23 2023

Fly fishing mogul Nevada

Summetime mode on the Truckee River. Get out early before it gets too hot

It’s like this every single summer. Get out on the river early and get your fishing in. When I drive to town in the afternoon and I see the guy at the loop putting on his waders when it’s 93 degrees out, don’t be that guy. Even Power bait ain’t gonna work at that time of day.

Learn to fish the faster oxygenated water. I’m mostly fishing stuff that anglers walk right by. If I have guests that can wade well, then we’re really fishing weird fast water. Breaking that water down and finding the slots is a skill. Landing a big fish in that water is also a learned skill, Practice, practice, practice. MJ didn’t win a title at first, it took him years.

This time of year can be hard fishing unless you adapt.

Flows have dropped a bit to just over 400 cfs, here, and in Reno. I would like to see some more water coming out of Boca. Zilch coming out of Lake Tahoe.

So what’s gonna help you catch these Truckee River trout right now? For starters, the right equipment. A wading staff is huge, good wading boots are a must, and the right tool for the job-rod. I like a 10″, 4 wt, for the Euro. I have some 10’6′ 4wts, that I’ve cut down to 10 feet. Put a spinning rod tip top back on since you’re just throwing mono anyways. 10 feet gives more lifting/fighting power on big fish. Ask Lee Wolf what he thought about that, or read what he said actually.

Look, these fish will eat a 100 different flies If you just put it in front of their face in the correct water.