Truckee River Fly Fishing Report August 21 2022

Lockwood Nevada Truckee River

Rain and clouds and good fishing on the Truckee River.

This weather is not normal. Rain and clouds and afternoon thunderstorms. Suffice to say, that makes the fishing pretty good.

Put the waders back on because you’re going to need them. Weird thing about this Summer is the waters been very cool. Colder than Summers past. Gotta be that no warm surface water out of Lake Tahoe is coming into the river. Just cold water out of Boca, mainly. I even put my waders on a few mornings in Nevada. Trout like cold clear water, we have that this Summer.

Trouts still seem to be munching on crayfish and smaller mayflies, however; August and September are good times to step down your fly sizes. Less available bugs than back in Spring. As October draws near, we’ll see bigger bugs again. Of course, you can get them on bigger crayfish, and stonefly patterns, but they really like the #16-#18 stuff right now.

Ain’t much Summer left in the mountains, enjoy it while it lasts.