Truckee River Fly Fishing Report August 27 2023

Fly Fishing Reno

That’s about it for Summer on the Truckee RIver

Get ready for some really great Fall fishing.

Been a good week. Not too hot, not too cold. Just perfect weather. Little warm in the afternoons, but nothing like the last few years. No smoke from wildfires, nice cool temps, and good healthy flows in the Truckee River.

We’re getting into them. Seems like you can catch trouts in just about any type of water. Usually, I’d be fishing pretty fast water. The last few weeks, I’ve been fishing every type of water-pocket water, riffles, even some frog water. Just a weird Summer with the cool water temps.

Smaller mayflies, caddis, bigger stones, and yes, crayfish. Euro rigs, bobber, whatever floats your boat. Look for the streamer fishing to start happening again. Especially if we get some clouds. Looks like that’s on the agenda for Labor Day weekend.

Getting excited now about Fall fishing. Hopefully it lasts, or at least we have an Indian Summer.