Truckee River Fly Fishing Report November 14 2023

Truckee River Nevada

Pretty balmy mid-November weather in Truckee.

When’s Winter gonna start? Hard to say. Have to admit it’s kinda nice right now. We’ll get the snow, it’s coming.

Ain’t the best streamer weather. I love pounding them around this time of year. That streamer bite happens when the weather is nasty, not mid-60’s and sunny. I’d focus my time on nymphing right now, Euro, or bobber.

Look at fishing the frog water early. Bobber rigs are great for that, then, fish the rifles after the water warms up. Euro rigs are the best for that. Trout move, Summer and Winter. I did some bobber fishing the other day and crushed them. Forget how well it can work in the slow frog water than your flies need to be suspended. I guess you’ll see me bobber fishing again some more, lol.

Looks like most browns are in the process of spawning out East on the lower river, and are just about done up here on the CA side.

I think the best streamer fishing happens post spawn, and again in the Spring on the Truckee River.