Truckee River Fly Fishing Report April 24 2024

Fly Fishing for brown trout Truckee RIver Ca

Big Spring Fishing on the Truckee RIver.

The fish are big, and the flows are big. Yep, good old fashioned Spring fishing. Lot’s of water coming down the pipe.

So, fish the edges, or any flat bank water you see. Fish are not in current. You literally may walk right on top of them right now. They can be smuggled right up to the bank.

Don’t use your 5x, and zebra midge rig. Use heavy tippet. Sometimes I fish one fly to make it easy. I fish 2x in these flows, 0x for streamers.

The whole river is pretty big, but it’s not as high as last year, or ’18. It’s totally fishable. Color is not too bad either. Honestly, this is my favorite time to fish the river.

You just have to adjust and learn to fish higher flows. Or you can go up to the Little Truckee where there’s 30 cars in one lot.