Truckee River Fly Fishing Report June 18 2024

We’re that in couple week stage when the Truckee River is very good.

When you get those just right water temps, trouts get pretty active. Lots of bugs, lots of trout eating bugs. I’m mostly nymphing, but theres’s been some times when the dry fly fishing has went off. Green drakes and pmds. The Drakes have come off pretty hard the last few days and even a beginner angler can catch them when it’s like that.

Of course nymph with drakes, pmds, caddis. Have some dries ready if you see ’em.

It’s gonna heat back up again, so it’ll mostly be a nymphing game in the pocket water again. With the heat comes the good evening caddis hatches though. That’ll last almost all summer. With the heat the trout start feeding big time on crayfish. Have those too.

Flows are still up They got some gates open on Lake Tahoe, and I imagine that’ll last all Summer. A little birdie told me that there’s fish up all along the 89 stretch. Fish all over with all the water.