Truckee River Fly Fishing Report June 29 2024

Fly fishing on the Truckee River is really good.

Flows are still somewhat high, but man, the fishing is good.

We have about 950 cfs here in Hirschdale, and about that through Reno as well. Good healthy flows and strong healthy trout. When flows drop the fishing will just get better.

Fish close, trouts are not out in that middle current. They can and are in faster water, but not in the middle. Not anywhere in the middle of the river right now. 

It’s a smorgasbord of bugs. You may get some on dries during the day, but it’s a nymphing game. If you want dry fly fishing on the Truckee River, go in the evenings. The caddis hatches are intense right now.

Down in Reno, it’s tough wade fishing when the waters high. You really need a raft to cover and affectively fish the water down there right now. I feel the Ca side is better when the river is high. At least for the wade fishing.

We have a heat wave coming next week. Look to get your fishing in mornings, and very late evenings.