Truckee River Fly Fishing Report July 2 2024

Flows have finally settled down on the Truckee River. 

785 cfs here in Hirschdale, and I’m sure that will come down this week some too. 550 cfs here in Hirschdale are perfect wading flows. 450 cfs in Reno is what you’re looking for. 750 cfs now. Things are getting closer to average flows.

The big news is the here is the heat wave we’ll have this week. Thank God we have a lot of water, or I’d be worried about water temps. 90’s in Truckee, 100’s in Reno, ugh. I’ll do all morning trips.

Good news is, I’ll know right where to find them, sucked down in fast water. With the flows lowering and the water temps rising, they’ll get into fast chutes, pocket water, heavy riffles. The euro rig reigns supreme. It would surprise you, some of the water these trout will hold in. Probably surprise a lot of so called guides too. When you’re Googling shit in Pittsburg, picking your first sponsored ad guide will usually be fine. If you’re serious about catching fish this time of year, you’re gonna need a guide that knows what they’re doing.

The whole Truckee River has great flows now. From Tahoe City through Reno. Have fun.