Fly of the Week, Baetis Nymph.

Baeits Nymph

This time of year this fly is usually on the end of my rig. Whether it be on a dry dropper rig, or a nymph rig, this fly works. A lot of the Baeits nymphs on the Truckee River are dark colored. I think the trigger for this fly is the black wing case made of Thin Skin, a product by Wapsi. I use Thin Skin on a lot of my flies it holds up and is shiny just like the real bugs. I usually fish a Sz#18 before the hatch and switch to a larger nymph, Sz#16 during the hatch. I’ve caught fish all over the West on this fly. Tie up some of these guys this Fall and give them a try.

  • Hook: Tiemco 2457 Size #16-18
  • Bead: Tungsten Gold 2.0 mm
  • Body: Uni 8/0 Black
  • Ribbing: UTC Ultra Wire, Size Small, Olivebr /Tail: Hen Hackle, Black
  • Thorox: Blue Ribbon Flies Zelon Dubbing, Longhorn Green
  • Wings: Hen Hackle, Blackbr /Wing Case: Thin Skin, Black