Rites Of Spring

I think Tuesday was the official first day of Spring here in the Tahoe area. Just like last year, we’ll go from winter right into summer. Things where looking good flows wise on the river, then it rained for two days straight last weekend and melted a ton of snow. A guide friend of mine who trolls for macks out on Stampede said the lake rose 5 feet overnight. The Truckee River is running at 575 cfs through town, and 1900 cfs here in the Hirsch. Contrary to what some guides report, the river is very hard to fish at these flows, and there is nowhere to cross unless you want to drown. I have some high water spots to fish, but for the average angler it will be tough. It’s like this all over the West, not just on the Truckee. Good flies, anything big, copper johns, princes, streamers, etc. This afternoon, I got this nice brown to chase a streamer along a nice green grassy bank.