It’s The Park Not The Bite

Ain’t to many places to fish up here except for the Little Truckee River, and everyone else feels the same. The upper lot gets hammered all season long. The Truckee River has been raging this week, and looks like your latte you’d get at Starbucks. The Little Truckee is tough fishing at these flows, in the high 600’s, but fish can be caught. Usually, this time of year my buddy Joe’s yelling, “the fish are looking up”, and they’d be munching on pmd’s mid-day, with the drakes not far behind. The good news is the Truckee River got some clarity back today, and dropped a bit, hopefully it’s not that far out. We had our first meeting last night, our local Truckee Trout Unlimited chapter, more of a briefing with the hydrologist, about our in stream restoration project for the lower meadow section of the LT.  The goal is to enhance trout habitat by adding downed trees, boulders, etc. in hopes it will ad better long term holding lyes and spawning beds for the lower section of river. This would help take some of the pressure off the top section of river.  This is a big project, and I’ll keep everyone informed. For me, I feel this is our first real project for our #103 chapter. These are some photos from this last week on the LT and a link to our local TU chapter. Join up and give us a hand.