One Day At A Time

Been feeling like I’m in a 12 step program around here lately. The water’s been so high for so long, I’ve  just been taking it one day at a time. I even had to resort to some stillwater fishing with some folks. The Truckee River has been in the 2000 range for forever it seems like.  Unless you got mad skills, or know the river like the back of your hand, the fishing is very tough. Up on The Little Truckee River it is up to almost 900 cfs. I don’t think it’s been that high since ’06. Usually here in the Hirsch, it would look like a summers day at Coney Island, folks swimming, fishing, rafting, etc.  Ain’t no one on the river. It’s been hot up here the last few days and flows have spiked again, maybe this will be the last big week of run-off. We have caught some fish up here though. These are some photo’s from the last few days. Nate holding a nice slab of a brown from the Truckee River.