Damn It’s Hot

The last few days it’s been downright hot here in the Hirsch. Put the beers on ice, get the straw hat out, and put them waders away. The water is still a cool 58 degrees mid-day, and really, that’s all that matters. We have plenty of it, water that is, and still the river is not at normal summertime flows. I spent a morning down on the Nevada side of the Truckee River the other day, the fishing was descent, but nothing like it can be. This fall will be very good in the battle born state. If you do fish the Nevada side, fish early, before it explodes with inner tubers. No matter where you go on the Truckee fish seem to be keyed in on caddis. Fish are moving into some faster pocket water, this is when the longer rod, or switch rod helps. The big fish don’t have their Kodak courage and have been a little camera shy as of late. Some shots from the last few.