Truckee River Fishing Report 8/7/11

It’s prime time on Truckee River right now, pick a section, and get after them. It is getting a little hot in the afternoons, but fishing is pretty much good all day. Caddis and yellow stones in the evenings, with a few big heads coming up. Nymphing during the day with crays, stones, and caddis, seem to be doing the trick. The grass is tall this year, and the hoppers are out, we should have some good late August hopper fishing. The water has been so high that a lot of slots and runs are just now becoming fishable, and it’s August.  We have hooked a few big ones lately. It takes some time to get the office out of folks, they roll up on a run first thing in the morning and aren’t ready for the carnage that can ensue. The big fish usually break them off. You feel bad for people, but that’s fishing, and why we keep coming back.