Spring Fever Clinic, Saturday, April 28th

Spring Fever Clinic on the Truckee River. Class will be limited to 6 people. This will be a intermediate to advanced level class, and we will cover mainly my rigs, and how I fish them, with what type of rods. This won’t be the way your grandpa fished, but a newer progressive way of fishing: nymphing, long line style, under an indo, preferably with a switch rod. Streamer fishing, newer techniques with large flies and sink tips. Dry dropper rigs with multiple droppers. You will learn what flies to use with patterns that I developed for the Truckee and when to use them along with the techniques listed above. We will be locked and loaded and everyone will get a chance to fish. I will have rods rigged up, but if you have  a 6wt, nymphing specific rod, or lighter grain switch rod, please bring it. This will be on the California side as there will be more areas, and open water to fish. The price is $125 per person. It will be an all day class. Slots are filling fast and it will be first come first served. If I have a lot of interest, I may do a second class on Sunday the 29th. This will be a fun way to learn the techniques and flies that I use on Truckee River trout. Please email me if you would like to sign up, or call. I’ll need everyone to pre-pay, simply because if someone flakes out then someone else missed out on this awesome opportunity to spend the day with me.