Truckee River Fishing Report 3/28/12

The Truckee River is in perfect shape, despite the storms this week. Last night it snowed and had no impact on river flows. Saturday’s storm will be a one-day type of thing, it should snow, not rain, and won’t impact river flows much, if at all. The winds though have been a bummer. My hands and face feel like an old saddle. The fishing is good. In Nevada, I’d rate it, four IPAs out of five. Pliny the Elder kind of good. In Cali, I’d give it two IPAs out of five. I have stuck some nice fish on dries actually, in and around the Hirsch, but we need a week of warm weather to get more bugs moving around. Next week should be good in Cali. The Nevada side is good, real good right now. If you can deal with the wind, you will catch fish. Skwalas, b-dubs, and march browns are on the meal ticket. A four or five inch chunk of bunny will get some fish to chase too. My dog Elliot has been stoked, chasing all the Spring jack rabbits, they’re not coveys of quail, but they’ll do. Some photos from today.