Truckee River Prognosis

Right now the river is at 700 cubes or so at Hirschdale, and about 800 in Nevada, good, for this time of year, as run-off could make it much higher on a normal water year. Releases from Boca have just begun. I imagine the river will stay up at least over the 500 range for a while. I have been spending most of my time fishing the Cali side, and fishing is very good. March browns are winding down and hatches are sparse. I thought the carpenter ants would go off, but it really hasn’t happened. Next up are caddis, green drakes, and pmds. I think we should see caddis in about 10 days if it stays warm, green drakes just after that, and pmds shortly. This will all happen a bit sooner in Nevada. All hatches should be a few weeks ahead of normal given the lower than average water levels, and unlike last year we will be able to fish them. Water temps are at about 55 degrees in Cali give or take a few. The river is fishing very well with fish of all age classes being caught, and catch rates are good at least for the Truckee. I’m waiting for the caddis to drop, and I’ll have a box full of G-6’s ready. Some photos from this week.