Truckee River Fishing Report 5/26/11

It seems like it always snows on Memorial Day weekend, you can just about count on it. It snowed yesterday and last night in Truckee. Snowed all the way down to Reno actually. At least I wasn’t out camping in a tent somewhere. The waters up, near a 1000 cubes in the Hirsch and down below. The best section of river to fish would be from Trout Creek to the Boca inlet. Pmds have arrived, pink and pretty, gotta love those things. I’d be streamering this weekend with the cloud cover, and nymphing with green drakes, goldens, pmds, and maybe some caddis. It’s still a tad early for the caddis as they’re not keyed in on the pupa yet, but shortly. Looks like the weather has busted up most folks plans, the river is a ghost town. I’ll be out on it this afternoon, this brown ate a sz#8 Skipper Stone Golden yesterday.